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Think of blogs as an online journal, just like your journal in class, but now you don’t have to pass the book around to share your writing.

This blog is managed by me as teacher, so it is a bit like keeping your journals in the classroom, not in Coles! That way, the only people who read it are other students.

You can show your family, of course, so they can be impressed by your ideas and skills 😉

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As you build your blogging skills, there are lots of great tricks to alter the appearance and add to content. Multicolored PencilsCreative Commons License Jonatan Svensson Glad (Josve05a) via Compfight

Should kids care about deforestation?

Some interesting writing today of opinions based on facts about this issue! Discussing this linked to our learning earlier this year about continental drift and Gondwanaland, and WA’s biodiversity  hotspots.

This link today is about a researcher looking for carnivorous plants in WA!

“There are about 600 species of insect-eating plants recorded globally, and about one-third of those are found in WA.”

I love it when our learning joins up because it makes understanding richer.

Read the Blogging Guidelines!!

It is great to see everyone so aware of keeping themselves safe online by not adding personal details.

Remember, it is also very important to think how you treat others online, just as much as face to face.


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